Boheme Doue Moongarden Fountain Pen Review

Boheme Doue Moongarden Fountain Pen ReviewBoheme Doue Moongarden Fountain Pen is another product offered by Montblanc. This beautiful pen was inspired by the Boheme Moongarden watch collection. The unique thing about Boheme Doue Moongarden Fountain Pen is the design on it and the detailing that went into it. Special attention is given to the details on the pen. The design represents tree leaves at the full moon. The leaves of Boheme Doue Moongarden Fountain Pen are red-gold colored and the color of metal on which it is made is gray toned. This pen is definitely a must for writing instrument lovers. One more feather in the uniqueness of this pen is the fact that the gold nib is hand crafted and is retractable.

Montblanc is known for its luxurious orientation in the writing world. The nib is made up of 18k gold and looks antique because it is handcrafted. The precision and eye for detailing are exceptionally taken care of while making this pen. The grip is great and like any other Montblanc writing instrument, this one is also easy to use. One can easily reassemble it and use it. Various ink cartridges that can be used in Boheme Doue Moongarden Fountain Pen are:

  • Mystery Black
  • Royal Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Burgundy Red
  • Lavender Purple
  • Oyster Gray
  • Toffee Brown
  • Irish Green
  • Corn Poppy Red

The clip in this pen is red-gold coated and comes with a unique serial number which can be matched with the serial number in the service book. With the design pattern of Moongarden, the barrel is coated with the metal that is gray in color. The cap has got the Montblanc emblem on it and is also set in gray tone. This pen gives a very royal look and is smooth while writing. A true collectible for those who like to collect quality pens.