Montblanc Nightflight Trolley On-board 4Wheels Hardshell

Montblanc Nightflight Trolley On-board 4Wheels HardshellWhenever someone hears the name Montblanc, the first thing that comes to the mind is a pen. However, Montblanc is much more than that. It has ventured in other segments also. One of the brilliant offerings of Montblanc is Nightflight Trolley On-board 4Wheels Hardshell. This trolley comes in black color. It has got four wheels made up of aluminum. The wheeled case has got an aluminum trim to keep it sturdy. Montblanc Nightflight Trolley On-board 4Wheels Hardshell is an attempt to make things comfortable for people when they are traveling around. There are so many features in this trolley which makes it the best choice.

Talking about comfort, one cannot forget to mention the handle quality. It is a long handle with two stop extensions so that an individual can adjust the handle height as per their convenience and requirement. The handle is rich in aesthetics as its made up of leather to keep the grip firm and comfortable. The trolley is pretty spacious when it comes to the main storage compartment. One can adjust as per his / her requirement as this trolley comes with three removable pouches and adjustable straps in the main compartment. There are two view pockets and a zipped pocket too.

The lining used in this trolley is Jacquard lining and of course, it bears the Montblanc brand name. Rubber zip pullers, luggage tag, front pockets are other few things which make Montblanc Nightflight Trolley On-board 4Wheels Hardshell a good choice for frequent travelers. In terms of dimensions, this trolley is 36 X 53 X 26 cm.

This trolley is a high-performance trolley which means that it will stay with you for a long time. The material used in making of this beautiful piece is of supreme quality. Undoubtedly, this product is an investment and not an expense.