Montblanc NightFlight Trolley On-board

Montblanc NightFlight Trolley On-boardOne of the gifts that Montblanc gave to the world is Montblanc NightFlight Trolley On-board. This is a beautiful trolley which is smooth and soft as it is made up of silk and cotton fabric. The features that make this trolley even more amazing is that its fabric is mixed with soft black coloured calfskin. The lining used in this trolley is jacquard with the Montblanc branding on it. The aluminium wheels and three length extensions with two stops makes it comfortable for regular usage. The handle in this trolley is made up of leather which makes the grip better when you are holding it.

With dimensions measuring 56 X 38 X 22 cm, this trolley is indeed very spacious. The moment you check the main compartment you will realize that Montblanc NightFlight Trolley On-board is actually spacious and can house much more than what you may think at first glance. There are pockets for mobile phone, writing instruments and five more pockets which can be used to put various other things. Out of these other five pockets, three are small and two are medium sized. This trolley can be closed easily as there are two zippers with kissing sliders which make it easy for anyone to lock it.

In the main compartment, there are elastic straps to properly organize clothes. There is a zipper cover in this compartment with three zipped pockets. In addition to this, there are two view pockets as well. In fact, it doesn’t end here as there are many more pockets that come with Montblanc NightFlight Trolley On-board to make it a simpler and organised travel companion.

It is surely an apt travel companion, when it comes to impromptu trips or planned trips. It gives you ample of opportunity to carry small and delicate things in an organised fashion. If you are heading somewhere soon, get your hands on this trolley for sure.