StarWalker Platinum-Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen Review

StarWalker Platinum-Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen ReviewStarWalker Platinum-Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen by Montblanc comes with a service guide. This pen, unlike other pens isn’t that big and chunky. One of the good things about StarWalker Platinum-Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen is that it feels great in the hand. It comes in black color and has got Platinum coated rings. It has got a shiny look to it and is smooth as well. The cap can be screwed from the back with a couple of twists. This pen has got a very good grip and is really comfortable. It writes like a roller ball and the tip of the pen moves smoothly.

Overall, it is a brilliant writing instrument introduced by Montblanc. The top of the pen has got the trademark of Montblanc floating in it. The floating emblem in a transparent crystal-like top signifies the modern age designing. It looks like crystal on the top giving the impression of a pocket flashlight. Additionally, the curved end at the top manages to look quite elegant. The Logo found on the upper band with the unique serial number gives the usual authentic look of Montblanc pens. This pen belongs to the StarWalker Collection from Montblanc and it looks very sophisticated.

StarWalker Platinum-Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen has got many refills to select from. These refills are:

  • Mystery Black
  • Pacific Blue
  • Nightfire Red
  • Fortune Green
  • Amethyst Purple
  • Barbados Blue
  • India Orange

The pen talks in volume when it comes to modern outlook and sophistication. It is very comfortable to use this pen. Moreover, it is rather simple to refill this pen and even simpler to operate it. In a nutshell, this is one of the smoothest pen that Montblanc has introduced so far, hence StarWalker Platinum-Coated Doue Ballpoint Pen is definite buy for all those who want who appreciate quality and simplicity.