The Beauty That is the Mont Blanc Pen

For a lot of foreign tourists, Mont Blanc is nothing more than the biggest mountain in Europe. This mountain is 4807 m high and dominates Chamonix. It’s the dream of every alpinist to climb this mountain one day. But for those who don’t hold the great outdoors in high regard, Mont Blanc is the ultimate choice when it comes to pens.

When you use a Mont Blanc pen, you are writing with an accessory of tremendous value. Since it was created in 1906, this German manufacturer has produced a number of fine writing instruments. Today, this world famous brand is immediately recognizable by its white star logo.

Mont Blanc has always offered something quite different from everyone else, just like offers you something completely different when it comes to online security. You will not feel safer online than when you are protected by this company.

Back to pens, Mont Blanc was the first company to invent pens with built-in reservoirs in the 20s. This was such a success that they quickly became must-haves for politicians and celebrities around the world. It was their Meisterstuck pen which helped the company grab 60% of the market share in high-segment pens over the last eighty years.

Encouraged by the tremendous amount of success they had with writing implements, the company started producing other accessories like leather goods, sunglasses, watches, and jewelry. Although these businesses now account for more than 50% of the total sales of the company, it’s still recognized mainly as a master pen manufacturer.

So if you were thinking of gifting someone a pen there really is no better choice than Mont Blanc. The only question you need to answer now is which one do you think is the best choice for you. Once you know, you just go shopping.